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Perfectly timed to still get a little bit of summer, the artist-duo from Finland Hans-Peter Schütt & Maja Breife arrived in the beginning of September to start their one-month-residence here in Tartu. You are invited to the opening of the mural!

These painters created an incredible, but also unordinary way to support the Print and Paper Museum: they are spraying a huge robot mobile on the outside wall of the museum. The light mobile with heavy robots on the ends represent the difference between paper and the printing machines, which are in the museum. Each robot has his own identity and has gotten a new life from our current artists.

The wallpainting will be officially opened on the 25th of September, at 6 pm in front of the gallery wall of the Print and Paper Museum, address Kastani 48f.
We are happy to announce that the mural will be opened by the Finnish honorary consul Verni Loodmaa!

Maja Breife:
Hans Schütt:


Our collaboration partner and sponsor for this event is the Finnish Institute. Maja Breife and Hans Schütt are in Tartu as part of the Tartu Artist in Residence program.
The TAiR program is implemented by the Estonian Print and Paper Museum and financed by the City of Tartu, Estonia’s Cultural Endowment and Gambling Tax Council. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

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