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In October, TAiR is hosting a multidisciplinary artist from Finland, Miia Westerlund. During the residency, she will be focusing on photography. She was born in 1968 in Turku, Finland and currently lives and works in Porvoo, Finland.

Being interested in textile, painting, photography and video, Miia feels how an image maker and a story-teller are daily fighting in her for a place. Her artwork has gone through some changes during the years but the most important content – people and society – has remained. This theme can be quite confusing for someone who is devoted to solitude.

Currently Miia is working on the topic of the Cultural Landscapes series:

“I photograph different cultural landscapes, man-made or sculptured by nature. We are used to seeing beautiful pictures of these places. I wonder what has happened and what is happening behind fancy facades. What does history tell us and what is left unnoticed?” 
Miia treats photos both manually and digitally. In October, Tartu will be one location that will be photographed for the Cultural Landscape series.
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