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Meg RobinsonMeg is serious about her art and has somewhat successfully silenced her inner critic who kept telling her off. Now, she claims, they form more like a team. This achievement has taken Meg her whole life as she traveled in space from her childhood Scotland to the sunny Spain she now calls her home. But the travels also took place inside her mind as she came to discover and engage with her heritage that has elements from Irish to Lithuanian, Dutch and Jewish. An energetic, curious and colorful character, Meg Robinson is a visual artists who tells stories.

Her residency in Tartu is partially realized to support her research into her Lithuanian-Jewish origins, which she has been pursuing recently. Tartu is suitably close, yet offers a chance to reflect and document the experiences and information. To this extent, Meg will focus her residency on the project „Faces of change” creating four large scale drawings. In her own words, she will „reinvent her Baltic Litvak heritage, glimpsed and sensed in sepia photos, research, the forested land and its ancient rivers, folk music, wooden sculptures and village architecture, to create a new family ‘picture .’ Another visual peace pilgrimage from loss to peace.”

Meg will be staying in Tartu for the duration of August, working in the Print and Paper Museum to also add printmaking to her portfolio. You can find out more about her art and activities at

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