TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

The museum is a hub of creativity in a city vibrant in all the arts. What am I doing here for a month? Good question, My project’s name keeps changing!

Firstly I called it Uprooted, Re-routed, Reinvented. A visual ‘imagined history’ of my Baltic Jewish ancestors flight from Europe to America. It’s based on two years research.  My website has details.

It felt too complicated to explain after a few days, especially the reinventing bit. So, I began to play with materials. I’m loving this, trusting my commitment to make four large drawings will happen. I think now they will be mixed media images , including some printmaking.

Staff and volunteers here are dedicated, enthusiastic, fun ,and super helpful. On Mondays all the artists and staff have lunch together. The museum pays for this. I think this is incredibly generous and a really effective way to build a sense of community.

The balance between contact with staff, museum visitors and the other artists has worked very well for me. I’ve loved the interactions with everybody, and met some amazing people.

What I hadn’t expected: the chance to use the print making facilities,and, I hadn’t expected the museum to be so interactive. Both have been bonuses. Somehow I hadn’t realised the museum was in an urban setting!

I live on the edge of a small village in southern Spain. Sheep and goats, chickens and foxes are my neighbours. Everything I had read about Tartu mentioned medieval. I think I imagined a miniature (old) Tallinn!

This unfamiliar setting has made me create and think and respond in many positive new ways. And quickly I discovered Tartu’s great charm. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer.

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