TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Martina Kartelo is theater actress, performer, researcher,drama teacher and facilitator. She has BA in theatre acting and MA in perfoming arts from three univercities,main Free Univercity in Brussiels.

Since 2009 she has been working, traveling, living and studing  abroad.She is working with her individual artistic projects as well as in collaboration with international artists.

Born in Croatia, she is not living there for last fifteen years. The latest country she was living is Iceland.

During the residency in Printing Museum of Tartu, she will be working in 3 differents  projects. First is a public debate about holistic approach throught contemporary  theatre practices.
2 others are community projects which involves people living in Tartu and their perception of Tartu. Artist will do her projects in collaboration with Artists Union and New Theater in Tartu.

During her one month residency, artist will create 2 artistic interactive pieces.
-First will be human exhibition developed throught process within group of people in Tartu. The final aim is to create exhibition where people from group will be exhibit piecies presenting how they feel and taste Tartu throught different media.

-The second will be for theater performance for which dramaturgy will be based on the problematics of Tartu today. (

This is her first time in Estonia.


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