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Czech musician Martin Klusák in concert at Genialistide Klubi on the 25th of January at 9 pm.

Martin Klusák is a Czech emerging composer and artist with a portfolio of internationally performed and awarded works. He focuses on experimental music in the context of concert, film, multimedia, and site-specific art. In Genialiste Klubi, he is going to showcase his recent sound compositions and audiovisual pieces.



Upcoming pieces:

Princess in the Iron Mask
The composition created for the 25th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution is concerned with the topic of “iron curtains” of today, and by means of free fiction it reflects upon the specific realities of the relationship between the Czech Republic and North Korea after 1989.

Fascinated by the environment and community of the Swedish studio EMS, which Martin Klusak visited in August 2016, he created this composition using a Serge analog modular synthesizer.

Předjaří / Praevernal
Předjaří / Praevernal is an authorial film-poem that develops the idea of absolute partnership between image and music. Fluid development of seven long shots in connection with ambient orchestral music create a breathing audiovisual body – a meditative interpretation of winter cosmos, which in its silent uncertainty awaits spring blossoming. Předjaří is a Czech word for the season of late winter and early spring.

Martin’s homepage:

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