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Markus Puskar is an Estonian-American visual artist primarily working with ink and acrylic paint. Markus is working on acquiring his BA from the University of Maryland. This will be his first residency at the outset of his career in art. Markus will be in Tartu for a residency of one month, from January 2 till January 29.

 Artist statement

“During my residency, I will be exploring the many factors that create my identity through a series of drawings and paintings. I will be particularly focused on how my idealized identity differs from the self that is presented to the world. In this, I will explore the many factors that contribute to my persona, including the societal pressures that propel me in what is often the entirely opposite direction that I desire to be moving in.

The works will feature a style which I have been developing throughout the last year, in which I use a mass of faces shown in opposition to one another. These faces symbolize the lure of different ideologies and attitudes that humans are asked to weigh out and choose on a daily basis. Often, the faces we favor overwhelm other parts of our identity that we would rather portray. My art will be exploring that process.

One particular aspect of my identity that I will be paying close attention to throughout my residency is that of my Estonian heritage. My work will reflect how yet another facet of my personality develops and changes in accordance with my surroundings.”

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