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It’s been a while since TAiR hosted a street artist. In the month of August we have the pleasure of welcoming Maria Trinidad Montalbán who came to Tartu all the way from Chile. Maria’s artistic work focuses on old images of “classic art”. The images are reinterpreted while the compositions and shapes stay the same.
As a way of interacting in a more intimate way with these artworks of the past, the images are analyzed and transformed into stencils cut by hand, which are later sprayed directly onto walls. During a month-long residency in Tartu, Maria will create a wallpainting for one of the external walls of the Estonian Print and Paper Museum – which is the headquarters of TAiR.

“As I consider stencil art to be a way of printing in which the paper is replaced by a wall or a building, during the residency I will be working in a particular image that shows a scene of people sharing an early experience of printing by press.”
By creating the mural, Maria wishes to make a link between the old and the new (printing and stencil, small and big, black-white and new contemporary colours) in a public space so that everyone can come and see the mural and be part of the artistic experience.
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