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Margherita Paoletti was born on June 24th 1990 in Fabriano, Italy. She graduated in 2012 in Illustration and Animation at IED in Rome and obtained her master degree in Illlustration and Graphic Design at Isia, in Urbino the past year. During her studies she had the opportunity to explore and deepen the old art of engraving, which became her main means of expression. Margherita is a creative artist devoted to craftsmanship. Apart from drawing, she is passionate about sewing, object design and jewel design.

Artist statement

My art speaks of language, words and their meaning.
Now more than ever language has the possibility of moving and exploring the world and the speed in which it’s moving leads us inevitably to shortening or creating new words. There are words that have existed for a moment, and didn’t have the possibility of being displayed in a column of a dictionary. Thus words change or mutate in order to give a name to the ephemeral news of one day, and this counts for each language.
My work consist of finding old words, those abandoned in the deep of memory, and to do so I use the most effective of all languages: the one of images. Once I’ve understood the meaning of a word, I translate it in image by using my personal interpretation, which originates from personal experiences, facts happening around me, news and history. An important role is played by phrases of books and tales that I transcribe in my illustrations.
The method I use to realize my work is engraving. It belongs to the heritage of our culture and it was at the time the innovation that allowed the spread of words and images.
The use of this old technique is a provocation to the power of technology in these modern times, it is a return to craftsmanship and perseverance. The choice of using this ancient method lies in its old allure and in its aesthetic beauty. Even though it seems that nowadays life is dominated by an unlimited vortex of news and updates, my intent is to slow down and for once deepen the meaning of at least one single word.
With my time in Tartu I’m going to explore the history of Estonian language “Eesti Keel” and literature. With my research I’m going to find old words and with my personal interpretation I’m going to “translate” and illustrate their meaning. Each word will be transformed in the form of visual representation by way of printmaking and paper sculpture. The final outcome is going to be a show and an artistic installation of all the words found.

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You can find out more about Margherita and her work on her website:!

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