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880 / 5000 Wyniki tłumaczenia “The Meaning of Home in Today’s World” is a collaborative project between two Serbian artists, Ljiljana Maletin Vojvodić and Dragan Vojvodić. Ljiljana is a writer, researcher specializing in Scandinavian culture and art journalist. Dragan is a multimedia artist who specializes in printing, performances, installations and photography. In July 2020, they participated in the TYPA Art Residency, embarked on a significant number of projects, and researched our fonts and machines. “The meaning of home in today’s world” is a project that uses different media. It has been presented in Tokyo, Reykjavik, Alajärvi and Pilsen, and now also in Tartu. For the project, the artists collected stories of local people about the meanings and natures of home and homeland. The answers received have inspired them in the work that will be presented in 2021 during the Novi Sad Capital of Culture program.

On August 22, Ljiljana and Dragan presented their collaborative performance. It was based on transitions from one medium (research, visual arts) to another (performance). Different perspectives and different contexts expressed by these media were examined. In the performance, they used stories of Tartu residents and other found materials that are linked to joint activities. The presentation explored the diversity and individuality of home, connection and identity.

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