TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Lettering – Artist’s books and cut-outs

an exhibition and workshop by Varga Gábor Farkas (HU)

09.11.2016 – 27.11.2016 @ Printing Museum balcony gallery


Hungarian paper artist and designer Gábor Farkas invites you to his exhibition of artist’s books and cut-outs, followed by a workshop for accordion books and foldouts. Gábor’s works have previously been presented both in Hungary and abroad but this is the first exhibition of his works in Estonia. As such the exhibition offers a glimpse into contemporary Hungarian graphic design. The project is presented as cooperation by the Tartu Artist in Residence program, Hungarian Institute in Estonia and the Printing Museum.

Gábor’s works has been described as follows: “His most important “raw material” is the letter, the book and literature: the letters are flowing out from between the orderly standing paperboard walls as reckless flood, and then as if a gentle breeze gathered them they willingly start forming words, sentences and verses. Words and sentences of modern Hungarian poetry (Sándor Weöres, Dezső Tandori, Ákos Fodor) – unchained from the closed structure of the poem – are slipping lightly into an other world, into the territory of visual arts. Into a territory where shadowy figures equilibrate with wary steps between the form and the absence of form, plane and space, deepness and height.”


Born in 1976 in Székesfehérvár. From 2001 until 2006, he studied graphic design at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He is a member of the Hungarian Poster Association, the Association of Artists in Székesfehérvár, and the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists. Since 1998, he has been a regular participant in national and international graphic design and art exhibitions. He lives and works in Székesfehérvár.

You can find out more on his homepage.

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