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Let’s Celebrate Being Second: An exhibition of prototypes for monuments to be realized in Tartu, the second city of Estonia and therefore a never failing city.

Why a never failing city?
Being Second is the best position because you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to uphold a status or defend a position. So you will never fail.

Why new monuments?
Tartu is full of statues that honors famous citizens. Time to add some for the city itself.

So, let’s celebrate Being Second
Three prototypes will be exhibited: A Never Failing Exercise Machine, 5 variations on a Victory Podium and a Dazzled Thought Cloud.
The visitor can indicate which one should be realized. And the opening on 22/09/2016 will be an interactive opening because you can tell your story what is so good about being second – or write this in a booklet.

About the maker
PJ Bruyniks constructs things:

*With love to use the uncommon characteristics of materials, to figure out how to conn them, to play with the tensions between fragile and rough or between sharp lines and undefined shapes.

*With love to de-symbolize objects, to examine what is behind human behavior like group dynamics and desire, or what defines uselessness. To deconstruct how and why we attribute values to our perception, feelings, thoughts and decisions.

With these interests in the back of his mind a thing is constructed.


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