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On the 22nd of February at 6:30 pm, English printmaker Bob Sparham will give a free lecture at Tartu Art Museum. The lecture is free to attend and in English.

This seminar is about the use of different historical models within art history and draws upon the work of the historian of ideas A. O. Lovejoy. Seemingly art historians start with the model that history is a process with a beginning middle and end, and that the significant artists art those whose work makes new steps forward in that process. Cubism, for example, is seen as one of the most significant of these stages, the paradigm almost for every other progressive movement. However, this seminar looks at a different context for these ideas, through a case study based on an English regional art gallery, the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, one of whose creators was present at the moment Cezanne’s work gained wider acceptance in Paris.

Bob Sparham is an English printmaker with a background in Graphic Design and Art History. He became interested in Estonian art, particularly printmaking, in 2015 after visits to the national art galleries. He was admitted to the Eesti Vabagraafikute Ühendus / The Association of Estonian Printmakers in 2016 and has taken part in the 2016 Muhu Island Summer School as well as exhibitions in Tallinn, Italy, China and Armenia together with Estonian colleagues.

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