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Kathleen R. Harrison Gegan




Music, poems, songs,

sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs



“If you were in space and

could hear the earth singing:

through one voice,

telling a story

both personal and universal,

as it grows and

evolves throughout generations

and the migration of nations”


A central sculpture will be created

with re-cycled materials from Tartu’s environment.


All right reserved.

Copyright 1995 Kathleen R. Harrison Gegan



Kathleen R. Harrison Gegan, described by The Atlanta Journal as The Renaissance Lady of The South, is a visual artist, composer, and vocalist ;a fifth generation native of Atlanta,where she presently resides beside the Chattahoochee River. She has lived, worked, had exhibitions and performances in the U. S. and in Norway, Bermuda, Grenada, West Indies, Kenya, & France…She has experience in Fine Arts, as well as publishing, and advertising.


After publishing drawings for a Geology book. with John Wiley & Sons, NY, publisher, her editor asked her what she would like to do next. She unhesitatingly replied: illustrate the evolution of the universe..Wiley said no one had ever done that and commissioned her in 1990.. This is an example of one in a series, which will be the background of the presentation Kathleen will give in Tartu.


3. Evolution of the Universe  copy 150 dpi 2-23-02

Related to the above are more examples (below) of Kathleen’s work:

4. Matrix. traveling exhibit performance.

“Martix,” commissioned by the HIGH Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, for the lobby of the museum, as well as a series of 6 pencil drawings, is an interactive pneumatic sculpture, internally lit, with pulsing, timed fan. It is the central motif of one of Ms Gegan’s traveling exhibitions / performances, beginning in 1975 @:

High Museum of Atlanta, Studio 54; Oakland Auditorium, CA; Sky Art Festival @ MIT; Hamilton City Hall, Bermuda;

Grenada, West Indies; New York Avant Garde Arts Festival; & the Telfair Museum, Savannah, GA, where she created an audience-participatory event with local ballet troupes and musicians.

The above sculpture has been created with silk, paper(s), spun-bonded olefin, and rip-stop nylon in various dimensions.

It is a multi-dimensional and performance sculpture based on the evolution of the universe.




Kathleen R. H. Gegan, constructed and engineered Blue Star Linz a design collaboration with / for Otto Piene at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies,  M. I. T.

The Linzer Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound) is in every respect a truly extraordinary open-air event that originated in 1979 in early September in the Austrian city of Linz.

Its defining features have become the legendary innovative, creative use of new multimedia technologies, the enormous physical scale of the production itself, and the audiences that have been attending in huge numbers over the past 30 years. The very first Visualized Klangwolke was the opening event of the Ars Electronica Festival that likewise made its debut in 1979. Back then, a band played the music on site; since 1980, the musical program is performed live in Linz’s Brucknerhaus concert hall and broadcast to the audience gathered in the Donaupark.

This verdant oasis extending about 500 meters along the Danube riverbank right in the heart of downtown Linz is enveloped in a cloud of sound generated by 250,000 watts of electrical power.

Kicking off each year’s Klangwolke series is the Visualized Klangwolke, in which modern musical works are the centerpiece of a production featuring, among other things, lasers, video projections, fireworks, ships, cranes, balloons, helicopters.

6. PHIPPS PLAZA CEILING powder-coated aluminium & fabric installation

7. SHAKER GIFTS. CD label (1)




Above 3 sculptures: light / shadow, wire mesh, bronze, brass, stainless steel, lexan.


A book (below), which Kathleen Gegan initiated with the Eames Foundation,

has since become a science classic:

11. POWERS OF TEN.  initiated the concept for this book & film  which has since become a science classic


Among the schools in which Ms. Gegan has taught:

Harvard College, guest lecturer: 20th Century Art Survey;

and Georgia State University, her copyrighted course, below:



All above artwork and content is copyrighted by Kathleen R. Harrison Gegan.

All rights reserved.

For further background and examples of work and music.


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