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In February we are welcoming Kate Alyse Clark who is an Abstract Painter, living and working on Orcas Island in Washington State. She has a BFA in Painting and Drawing and a Minor in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kate has participated in numerous exhibitions in the States, but TAiR will be her first experience creating a body of work in another country. Kate is TAiR’s first artist to participate at the family residency program which is opened from 2019 to artists with a family.

“In the Spring of 2018 I started experimenting on unprimed canvas. I achieved the ability to manipulate acrylics with the same fluidity as watercolors. This merged my fondness of watercolor techniques with my desire to create work on a large scale. Through the alteration of my practice, I have experienced a new devotion to abstraction.”

During her one month residency, Kate will develop a language unique to the city of Tartu. Through the use of line, shape, and color she will dedicate her senses to experiencing the culture. Kate intends to seek conversations concerning realistic solutions for individuals to achieve sustainable art practices and lifestyles.

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