TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

From the 1st April, the residency program is hosting an artist from a field totally new to the program. Jesse Pasanen is a specialist from the Finnish street art scene and his mission is to integrate a wicked painting on Tartu’s urban landscape. During a month-long residency, he is exploring the local environment and based on his observations, is developing a public artwork. The wall for the mural is situated in front of a school on Tähe street (Start street). Hundreds of students and locals pass this wall daily, meaning that Jesse’s work will have an important influence on Tartu’s people.

In addition to adding art onto Tartu’s streets, Jesse’s biggest ambition is to get to know the street art culture and Stencibility Festival in Tartu. As he is coordinating one of Finland’s most influential mural program with Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, he’s got a real hunger for all ideas and contacts. During his stay, he will most probably give an artist talk in order to meet the locals, share his ideas and create contacts.

You can have a peak at his artwork here:

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