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In July 2013, Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa began a collaborative duo. Since then they have performed, led workshops, and have been artists in residence in Vienna, Berlin, Helsinki, Tallinn, Oslo, and Istanbul. They will come to Tartu in July 2014.


Their work addresses the physical relationship between two performers while exploring the correlation between, and potentials of: duration – ephemerality, proximity – distance, transformation – alteration, and duality – unison.

collaboration series
collaboration is an ongoing series of performances, that address the physical relationship between two artists, while exploring the correlation between, and potentials of: proximity – distance, transformation – alteration, tempo – stillness, duration – ephemerality, and duality – unison.

Using limited materials, each performance focuses on simultaneous actions, and the point where these actions phase, oscillate, and/or conjoin. These actions are repetitive, consistent, clear, precise, thorough and definite. Without narrative, they leave the audience time to assess the actions and interpret or propose her/his own meaning, content and thoughts.

The remnants of these performances are intentional, and remain as visual art installations.


collaboration #14

In Tartu AiR, they will develop the performance collaboration #14, with which they are going to tour through Estonia and Finland in August 2014. The tour is supported by the Austrian Embassy in Tallinn as well as Finnland.


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