TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Jakob Stig Isaksen was born in 1977 in Denmark, where he lives and works. He started his love affair with the ceramic media during his stay at Odder Højskole in 1999. Afterwards he started his education as a ceramic artist at KADK graduating in 2008. Jakob primarily works in porcelain, but he also in mixed media. He is teaching ceramic at Odder Højskole

During his stay, he will go in a new direction of making ceramic, and primarily work with already made ceramic, because ‘Sustainability’ is to be able to revive, regenerate and restore what has already been used – to give new life and new uses to things that has been dismissed or thrown out. Sustainability is also interplay between people, it’s something we do together, and something that is done with – and for – nature.


“As a ceramic artist I work primarily with structural exploration through objects and spatial installations. My main medium is porcelain. As a ceramic artist I’m interested in the unique properties of porcelain; particularly in its strength and fragility. To emphasise these properties I fire the porcelain clay at very high temperatures thus achieving a very tactile and subtle materiality that results in a sort of transparency.”

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