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Born 1988, Iris Legendre lives and works in Paris.
She graduated in 2012 from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and also studied at the Sydney College of The Arts, Australia. She has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in France (Paris, Boulogne, Toulouse), Portugal(Guimaraes, Porto), Australia (Sydney) and the UK (London).

She has developped her personal work using multimedia techniques, including drawing and photography to examine heredity. It’s impossible to escape from genealogy.
 Her work is about scrutinizing these memories, in close-ups.
Iris Legendre gets as close as she can to the objects and people she represents, but always stops at the last millimeter, shielding her thinking process. This caution gives us an impression of deja-vu and thus intimate feeling as we witness her works.
Iris will stay all the month of March 2015 for a residence in Tartu Artists’ Union.
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