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21.06.2016 | 19.30 | Greenhouse of Tartu University Botanical Gardens (Lai 38)

Italian Artist-in-Residence Pamela Breda’s blitzstay in Tartu is unfortunately already coming to an end. She has been working mainly in the beautiful greenhouses of the University’s Botanical gardens, recording and interacting with the succulents, subtropical and tropical plants. Her project “Inherent Structure” will present a site-specific sound installation based on her research there.

“Inherent Structure” aims at exploring the secret living rythm of plants. Through the use of sensors and the creation of a dedicated software, the vibrations generated by the velocity by which plants absorb water will be transformed into sound waves, thus realizing a sonoric map of Tartu Botanical Garden Greenhouse. The installation will be accompanied by a live music performance by Kristjan Rudanovski. Thus taking music from the plants and in return giving music back to the plants.

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Pamela Breda was born in 1982, in Vittorio Veneto (Italy). She currently lives and Works in Venice. In 2012 she received her MA in Visual Arts from IUAV University, Italy. Her work has been exhibited in international venues in Venice, London, Santander, Salzburg, Trondheim, and in institutions such as Karlsruhe Kunsthalle, Fondation Francois Schneider, La Casa Encendida, Fondation Botin, Fondation Bevilacqua La Masa and Venice Architecture Biennal, Italian Pavillion. Pamela’s main area of research is focused on cultural visual tropes and traditions, on the contingency of the artistic process and on its multiple outcomes. She analyzes western imaginaries connected with culturally and socially-engaged contexts of production and reception. Starting from the analysis on the relationship between powers and knowledge and between artwork and the narrative fiction implied in it, she researches the visual-cognitive values ascribed to the contemporary image exploited as a narration.

Pamela’s residency and project have been made possible by the Tartu Artist in Residence programme. For several years, artists from around the world have had the chance to live and work in Tartu, find new sources of inspiration and present their latest works to the local community. Since 2012, more than 50 artists have used this opportunity. Among the genres, printmaking, visual art, performing arts and media art have been more prominent.


The project is supported by MOVIN’UP II session 2015 promoted by:

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism
General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs
General Directorate for Performing Arts
and GAI – Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artist.


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