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Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska – going by her artist name MataHoops – is a Finnish contemporary hoop dancer, performer and dance teacher. From her background in acting, she discovered hoop dancing in 2006 and built her career on various performances and classes around this colorful plastic circle.

Henna loves to experiment in new setting and challenge herself and her chosen genre to express novel visual concepts, ways of moving with the hoop and her body. Often her performances border on the bizarre which is a constant fascination for her.

Other than a performer, Henna is also a professional hoop dance teacher, running her own classes in Finland as well as holding workshops internationally: at European Juggling Convention, Manchester Hoop Congress and numerous other circus and dance events in Europe and occasionally farther.

During her one month residency in Tartu, Henna will be working in Tampere House to practice and develop her performance that will be showcased in Tampere in 2018. To also contribute to the local community, she will be holding one public performance, which will be announced on our website and Facebook page.

Urban Abstraction. Photo: Wisa Elektron

LED performance. Photo: MataHoops

I AM A MOUNTAIN from Henna Matanuska on Vimeo.

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