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Tartu – city of open minds

When I first came to Tartu in 1991, I already felt that this place is amazing! What I remember is hospitality and good food. So, when I saw the Open Call for Tartu Artist in Residence, I knew I had to come back. And so I did!

Henna wih her audience

Tartu has changed a lot since then, but the atmosphere is still the same: friendly people and great food! The idea was to develop my hula hoop solo act during the residency and also meet local circus people. Before arriving in Tartu, I tried to find these people online, but couldn’t find any. So I arrived without any contacts and just started working on my solo…when suddenly I was surrounded by all these talented circus peeps here in Tartu! I found the fire group, the hula hoopers, the unicycle jam, the Chinese pole acrobat! It turns out that you can´t find everything online, you have to find them in real life and that´s what I loved here in Tartu, it´s a small city with a big heart. You just need to jump in and have faith, everything comes in time!

The artist residency program has been very helpful, and as an artist it has been a pleasure to be here. I have many new ideas now to work on!

The spirit here is something exciting and thus I’m looking forward to coming back! These are my thoughts about Tartu, the city of open minds and big hearts!

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