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The greyish month of October will be embellished colors and emotional diversity through the joint exhibition entitled Hell Hunt and the Slippery She-Wolf | INSPIRATION. The exhibition which will take place in the Balcony Gallery is divided in two: Jazmina Cininas, the Australian printmaker and werewolf enthusiast with Lithuanian roots, presents her unique works in the Small Hall and the Large Hall showcases works created by Estonian printmakers on the Island of Muhu.

Among Jazmina’s linocuts is the single work she created during the three months she stayed in Tartu. Jazmina’s works are made in the linocut technique that demands time and accuracy and uses only one lino plate during the whole process. The result is incomparably beautiful. On display are also Jazmina’s earlier works.

The exhibition of Estonian printmakers displays artworks that were made at the international printmakers workshop Muhu Print. It was organized this summer already for the third time at the Art-in-Residence Center of the Estonian Artists’ Association in Nõmmküla, Muhumaa.

The workshop that draws together different generations and nationalities takes artists out of their usual working environment to print together, to exhange experiences, and to draw inspiration from an unusual environment. Living and working side by side in the archaic farm complex provides the participants with the opportunity to learn from each other, to experience various methods of creation, and to see the new possibilities for the birth of art.

The printmakers: Kalli Kalde, Britta Benno, Eve Eesmaa, Kaija Kesa, Lembe Ruben, Kadri Toom.

Exhibition opening: 26th of October at 7pm at the Balcony Gallery
The exhibition is open until the 26th of November
Jazmina’s artwork:

The exhibition is supported by: Estonian Printing and Paper Museum, the City of Tartu, the Cultural Endowment of Tartu, The Association of Estonian Printmakers
Jazmina Cininas is in Tartu as part of the Tartu municipal residency program. The Tartu Artist in Residence program is financed by the City of Tartu and implemented by the Estonian Printing and Paper Museum. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

Marvelous news! As our next exhibition will be taking place only on the balcony hall, we decided not to take down Jazmina’s exhibition 🙂 The artwork will be exhibited until the 30th of December.

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