TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Harekrishna and Purabi are our Artists in residence since September 2012. Coming from different fields of art -Harekrishna is a sculptor and Purabi is a dancer, their attempt is to speak together one language in one platform. They reflect the Indian folklore and beliefs through emotion in motion. During their stay, they held a show together at the Uus Teater, Harekrishna created the SPLIT performance, and they shared an Indian Cuisine day with the local community.

Harekrishna Talukdar is a visual artist residing in Assam, India. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. He has had a keen interest in Sculpture and Painting in the area of human emotions and beauty from nearly ten years. During this time he was actively involved in self-examined methods of art form and content, exhibited in national platforms, participated to a no. of workshops in related fields and has as well worked under renowned artist/sculptor.

Purabi Baruah is a professional dancer, genuinely interested in Indian art and aesthetics. She has been learning Odissi dance, the Indian classical dance form under the tutelage of Srimati Madhurima Goswami (from 2003) and has been actively involved in her organisation (KKIPA). She has learnt the skills of traditional Folk and Classical Performances through many ways, especially attending workshops. Presently, she is doing research (both academic and application oriented) on Deodhani Performance, a religious performance of Assam.


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