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The month of September welcomes two artists from Finland: Maja Breife and Hans-Peter Schütt. During their one-month residency, Maja and Hansu will paint a mural on the outside wall of the Estonian Print and Paper Museum, which is the headquarters of TAiR.
Maja Breife was born 1976 in Sweden, lived and worked in Finland for 15 years and is now back in Sweden again. She started off as a jewellery artist but now works with many different materials and techniques.
Hans-Peter Schütt is a finnish artist born in 1975. Beginning as an art teacher and painter he now works mostly with murals and stenciling art. At the moment, he is working as a County Artist in Jyväskylä Finland.
Maja and Hansu met in 1999 in Greenland during the annual Nuuk snow festival, where they were both awarded for snow sculptures. Since then they have done several collaborations: comics, ice sculpture, art shows in various techniques and themes (in Finland, Norway, Germany and USA), one mural, painting on electric boxes, decoration for music festival H2Ö (Turku, Finland) as well as a sculpture (Turku, Finland). On top of this they run the “curious gallery” Jänis (established in 2012) in Turku with the aim of bringing art closeer to people.
In 2016, Hansu and Maja travelled through the Baltic countries and had a brief stop in Tartu.
“We are happy to come back and get to know this place more!
For this residency we will paint a mural on the outdoor wall of the Estonian Print & Paper Museum. The museum itself together with what is to see in the town of Tartu will be an inspiration for the making of the mural.
We would also like to take this opportunity to say hurray to Estonia for its 100th anniversary. An extra cheer goes to Tartu were the Estonian flag was born.”
Hans-Peter Schütt:

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