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In May TAiR welcomes our first artist from the Balkan region. Meet Hana Agic who is a visual artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hana has a Master’s degree in Product and Interior Designon from the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo. Currently she is working as an interior designer and a set designer for movies.

Hana is a multidisciplinatry artist, working through mediums like painting, scenography, graphic design, photography and architecture. She has participated in multiple exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Austria; and also given many art- and architecture-themed workshops.

“As an artist, I am interested in the inner world and spiritual growth of a human being. I investigate this subject throught experimenting with different mediums. I use myself  as a subversive and creative space to express experiences, relations and my own personal journey.”

During her stay at the art residency in Tartu, Hana plans to experiment with a new medium for herself – video. She will create a video installation called ‘Memoir of Moments’. In this project one particular public space in Tartu will be observed and specific moments that people share at this place will be recorded. By making a small documentation about these moments that once happened in the selected place at a certain point of time (or never the same again), the idea is to deeply feel the transience of time and life itself. Meanwhile, the project aims to investigate what this awareness means to us, how we cope with it, and how we pass through unrepeatable moments during our liftime.

In addition, Hana will be also photographing the life in Tartu.




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