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Saturday 19.12.2015 | 19.00 | Trükimuuseum (Kastani 42, Tartu)

Alaskan artist Tamara Wilson ( is concluding her one month residency with an exhibition that will reveal the works which she has creating during her stay in Tartu.


Tamara Wilson is an installation and soft sculpture artist currently working in Fairbanks. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 2014. With thread, needle and felt she sculpts life-sized soft and cosy environments. If you need something to warm yourself up during these cold and dark winter days, then definitely come and have a look!

“Since arriving in Tartu, I have been walking the streets, shopping at Rimi and Kaubamaja, failing sometimes and successful at others as I try different things and navigate my foreign surroundings. I have been memorializing this clumsy experience as I sew the objects I interact with. Some of them familiar, and some discovered as I explore Estonia to fabricate more than the distant connection of my god mother that I arrived with. This experience in part is to honor and celebrate her and discover my god mother’s beginning long before me while also creating my own relation to the place so her memory can live on with mine.

Far from home, I have been creating a small installation as an outsider observing. The exhibition will be a collection of sewn felt, collages repurposed postcards, and found vacation slides.”

Tamara would be very open to discussion and talks afterwards!

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