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The reisdency for our dear Rukhe Zaidi is reaching the end, meaning that she will be leaving Tartu. Let us throw a farewell party to have one more intriguing conversation with Rukhe and admire some more of her outstanding paintings!

Rukhe will be waiting for you on Tuesday, the 24th of July at the gallery of the Print and Paper Museum. In addition to her artworks that are exhibited at the gallery, there will be three additional paintings which she will finish shortly before the 24th of July.

In addition to being surrounded by beautiful paintings, you’ll be served drinks and snacks.

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Rukhe is staying in Tartu within the Tartu Artist in Residence program. The TAiR program is implemented by the Estonian Print and Paper Museum and financed by the City of Tartu, Estonia’s Cultural Endowment and Gambling Tax Council. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

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