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The residency of Andrea has now come to an end, and was concluded by the opening of her exhibition “Peep” last Thursday. It will be up in the University of Tartu Library café for two weeks.

“Peep” is about works that turn the concept of traditional printmaking into a three-dimensional experience. During her residency in Tartu, the Croatian artist Andrea Staničić worked with traditional drypoint and contemporary intaglio-type techniques to create prints. Not content with a flat representation, she then turned her works into objects that both hide the content and reveal new meanings at the same time.

Andrea herself explains: “The concept of my work is like the name of the exhibition — “Peep” — says. Peeping through a hole cut into paper, the visitor becomes a voyeur in a way, and the image becomes different by looking at it this way. Also the paper is not simply the medium it is also part of the message. By bending it, I open it up for new meanings”

Andrea’s residency in Tartu was made possible by the cooperation of Tartu AIR, The Printing Museum and Tallinn Printmaking Triennal.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 

The residency has been organized by the Foundation Tallinn Print Triennial.

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