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Irish artist Sue Morris, who was with us for a residency in the summer of 2014, has exhibited some of her works in Londonderry, UK. Her installation entitled ‘Out of Truth’, was the result of work carried out during her residency at the Printing museum.

OutOf Truth

“The residency allowed for a rare opportunity to access both metal type in Cyrillic and a host of letterpresses dating from the mid 19th to late 20th century. The resulting series of text/images developed from overprinting, adding, subtracting and layering. (…) The residency facilitated my exploration of both letterpress technology and the complex role of language in a country that has experienced, in its chequered history, several occupations by neighbouring countries.”

We are, of course, very pleased to hear that her stay in Tartu has proven to be such a great inspiration. You can read more about Sue’s exhibition and her residency in Tartu here and here!

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