TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

During summer 2021 Evan was in art residency in TYPA in Tartu.

Evan Pank is an Australian/Estonian artist from Sydney, Australia.  Commonly utilising screenprinting along with spray paint and flares, he creates work that explores politics, sport, social and environmental issues.  The inspiration for his artistic practice stems from his experiences as a football fan and the interconnection of sport with politics and society.  On top of this is a keen interest in contemporary issues and events across the globe. 

8 Months – A Reflection on Conscription

Pank’s body of work was developed from his time doing conscription in the Estonian military, specialising as a paramedic in the air-defence battalion.  Inspiration from memories, emblems and symbols, the artworks created utilise materials from this period, incorporating a physical element of his service into the work.  Army newspapers and spent bullet casings were repurposed into paper, sculptural and print objects. 
Pank’s body of work represents moments, memories and experiences that are personal but also shared by thousands of other Estonians who have completed military service.  The artworks however, are an abstracted representation that invite audience interpretation and who will inevitably draw their own conclusions from their own experiences. 

Locked Out – Trapped During Covid

As of September there are over 40 000 Australians registered for repatriation flights back home because of the harsh border restrictions currently in place.  The actual number of people who are overseas and want to return home but are unable to could be double or even triple the number currently registered.  Because of this situation and reading the stories and struggles of people stuck overseas, Pank began a series of handmade posters to communicate the stories of those stuck overseas. 

Evan – without access to large-scale screenprinting equipment but a vast collection of type and printing machines, this project was a chance to expand my printmaking experience and explore new processes to make work. The posters will incorporate printing type, spraypainting, markers and hand drawn elements.  The posters will communicate, quotes, statistics and imagery to communicate the seemingly impossible situation to travel home for many Australians. 

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