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The last long-term artist for 2018 TAiR’s program is Domingo Pino. Domingo is a visual artist from Spain, Madrid. At the moment he is living and working in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He has graduated from the University of Castilla-La Mancha with a degrees in Fine Arts and a master degree in Art teaching. Having taken part in several cultural and artistic projects of different type, Domingo has had the chance to live in many European countries.
“I enjoy working in different styles and disciplines, both plastic and digital (painting, video, illustration, collage, animation, modelling…) and experimenting with the expressive possibilities offered by the materials I work with. My main ambition is to use those skills to approach to different realities and offer a new reading about them. On the formal aspect, when I start working I try not to plan the final result, but to develop the work bearing in mind the idea that motivates it.”

It’s highly important for the artist that the outcome of the artwork would have a meaningful experience not only for himself but that it would also fit in the surrounding environment. In a way, the artwork should be site specific and take into consideration the current location, the nature of the place, the fauna, the people and its culture. These are an inspiring factor for Domingo and drive him towards a multidisciplinary project. During the residency, Domingo’s project will include a series of paintings of impressions of Tartu, an audiovisual piece and some urban interventions. The urban interventions will involve graphic and plastic techniques (modelling, painting, assembly or sculpture) to create scenographies of the physical environment.

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