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WEDNESDAY 06.07.2016 | 20.00 | Sõbra 16, Tartu

No less than 3 new artists have arrived this month in Tartu for their artist residence! Clifton and MaryNeal Meador & Daniel Mellis have come from the remote Appalachian mountains and bustling Chicago, while PJ has been driving here from the Netherlands, seeking adventure on his way. They are all very enthusiastic to meet the locals and internationals of Tartu.

According to tradition, they will therefor cook a delicious dinner while talking about their life, work and plans for their residency. Since they are 3 at the same time (+ lovely MaryNeal), I daresay it will be a Deluxe dinner!

If you want to be part of this delightful occasion, please hit attending on the facebook event as soon as possible, so that we can estimate the amount of food. Please refrain from hitting attending if you’re not actually attending, to avoid indigestion.

As usual, also don’t forget to bring 3 euro and your own drinks!

Very curious? Get to know Clifton & Daniel already a little bit here: and
more about PJ here:

See you soon!

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