TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Daniel Schneider and Bonnie Loukus are visual artists located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the United States.

Daniel is an industrial archaeologist, letterpress printer, and book artist. His archaeological research focuses on mechanized work environments in manufacturing and extractive industries, particularly wood printing type manufacture in the United States and native copper mining in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His book arts work pursues themes derived from his archaeological practice, including industry’s transformation of landscape and creativity within mechanical constraint.

Bonnie is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on letterpress, book arts, drawing, and oil painting.  She received a BA interdisciplinary degree from Finlandia University, where she studied the connection of arts and science. Her work depicts the natural world, often focusing on the lives of animals.  She has worked as Assistant Director for the Copper Country Community Arts Center, a non-profit arts center, for sixteen years.

Loukus and Schneider’s primary project in Tartu will be to document type in the Estonian Printing & Paper Museum’s collection by printing and binding a specimen book of the types. In the course of this work we will analyze the type pieces as artifacts and record information about the methods employed to manufacture them.

Secondarily, they will use type from the collection to print pieces reflecting on their experience of the city of Tartu.

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