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The gallery of the Print and Paper Museum is awaiting everyone with a collaborative exhibition of two extraordinary artists, Rukhe Neelofer Zaidi form Pakistan and Dimitry Tetin from the USA. Their works create an intriguing contrast between typography and painting, however they go very harmonically together.

Rukhe’ s paintings show impressions of the beautiful Pakistani nature, flooded by light and with love for details. The colorful and virtuosically painted flowers, trees and birds are taking you on a journey to her home country. The peaceful atmosphere of her works subtly expresses a multitude of emotions and triggers a flow of thoughts. Rukhe’s artwork is rooted in tradition and shows appreciation for Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, remaining contemporary in style and subjects.

Dimitry will exhibit a work in progress that consists of typographic collages and their digital transformations based on historic cyrillic and latin wood type from the collection of the Estonian Print and Paper Museum. He will also give a short presentation that will contextualize the project that includes letterpress printing, animation, video and writing.

Opening: 27th of June at 18 pm
Exhibition is opened until the 29th of July.



Rukhe and Dimitry are in Tartu within the Tartu Artist in Residence program. The TAiR program is implemented by the Estonian Print and Paper Museum and financed by the City of Tartu, Estonia’s Cultural Endowment and Gambling Tax Council. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

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