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Clare Jackson is an Australian artist living and working in Canberra, Australia. She recently received a First Class Honours degree at the Australian National University School of Art where she majored in Printmedia and Drawing and minored in Bookbinding. She currently continues her printmaking practice at Megalo Print Studio and Gallery where she was awarded a residency last year and has recently started working with ceramics. She hopes to continue her research into memory and place as part of her residency in Tartu.

Intrinsic to my art practice is an interest in time, memory and the traces they leave on the surfaces around us. While there is continuity to these elements, they are also ever changing. Each unfolding moment in time is a unique experience that imparts itself on us, while simultaneously resisting any attempt to grasp it. Amorphous by nature, my work is fuelled by a desire to retain and hold them. Drawing and printmaking have become a means for me to capture these traces of time that are charged with memory and presence. I use delicate lines and ambiguous marks to draw objects and spaces from my surroundings and contain these moments in a surface.

P1050069 - Version 2

Project description:

Lost – cannot be recovered, taken away, wasted, unable to find one’s way, confused.

My project will focus on what it means to be ‘lost’. Whether it is the desire to hold on to moments of the past, the sensation of being unable to find one’s way, or simply being lost for words. These experiences will be used as metaphors for what we potentially stand to lose of the places we occupy.

While considering the fragility of our surrounding environment as it increasingly shows the impact of our presence, I will use drawing and printmaking as a means to translate the spaces around me as I explore Tartu. In a sense, tethering my experiences to a surface in order to make them tangible.

My practice relies on the experience of unfamiliar places so my project will evolve as my understanding of place deepens. By looking at forgotten buildings, quiet corners and empty spaces as I explore Tartu, in conjunction with elements of landscape, I hope to highlight the importance of what once was and how it relates to what we have now. I will produce a body of prints, drawings and works on paper that together will form an elegy of my research into ‘lost places’ in Tartu and reflect my experiments with sustainable processes.

The development of this project will navigate explorations into personal and ecological sustainability; the idea that creative endeavours are a source of sustenance and the use of recycled and repurposed materials can enrich ones practice.


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