TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Andrew Armstrong, Andy, is originally from Chicago, USA, where he studied art and used to install different art exhibitions. He moved to Paris and worked at an art gallery and as an English teacher. After his first visit to Tartu as a tourist last year, he was amazed by the possibilities in our Printing Museum and decided to come back for a one month residency.

Andy’s exhibition “BRAIN FEVER” consists of about 20 linocuts and drawings. The artist himself has the following to say about the exhibiton: “The little bits that make up each whole image, which at a distance looks like very cluttered, come from anywhere, usually daily observations, sometimes books, and occasionally internet-news, oddities. Printmaking, something I knew little about, was an unavoidable twist, working in the Printing Museum”

The exhibition will stay open in NOTT for one week initilly.

You can aslo see Any’s work on his blog http://

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