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The first long-term artist at TAIR in 2019 in an Iranian artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Bita Razavi is a conceptual artist and holds degrees in classical music and fine arts. Bita’s practice is centered around observations and reflections on variety of everyday situations. She examines the inner workings of social systems in relation with the political structures and national events of historic proportions in various countries. In 2017 Razavi received the first Oskar Öflunds Foundation’s grand prize for artists.

During her stay in Tartu, Razavi studies the materials used for renovation and interior design in relation with the recent history of the Baltic region. She also explores the possibility of more sustainable renovation and employing recycled and found materials.

She will peel a partly renovated apartment to study different layers of its renovation and then will renovate and redesign the apartment trying to use only recycled and abandoned materials, found objects and materials found in abandoned houses. The apartment will be open to public during several events.

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