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Len Murusalu - Whispers and Messages

When I arrived to Vantaa for a one month residency, I received a very warm welcome. Taitelijatalo Gjutars is located in a very peaceful and quiet area. I realized that I even had been in the nearby area a long time ago when my grandfather took me to visit the science center Heureka when I was 12 years old. So it was easy to fit in.

 My plan was to concentrate on my study on how time can be perceived; reading and writing and taking long walks. And so I did, until something unconventional and inspiring came up.

One morning I heard an intense noise of jet engines in the sky. It would probably have been frightening, if I hadn’t read the news about an upcoming air show later that weekend. Therefore, when the planes arrived, I knew what it was all about. It was a rehearsal for the show – right above my head. But I was wondering – what if I would not have known? Would I have been worried? Or moreover – would I have been scared?

We live in times when an article about foreign aircrafts entering Finnish or Estonian airspace illegally does not surprise people that much. But at what point does crossing the line become a threat?

My mind was captivated by these questions as I started working on a new video to reflect these concerns. The sounds of the jet aircrafts, which I recorded, were a major inspiration source as well as the granite cliffs which are very specific and inherent to Finnish nature. The resulting video titled “The Dark Side of the Valley” will be on display from 31st of August at Galleria Gjutars among other works on a solo exhibition “Whispers and Messages”.

The exhibition marks the completion of my very nice and productive residency month for which I am very thankful for.

Len Murusalu
August 2016










Len Murusalu

August, 2016

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