TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Ashley is a Canadian artist whose main means of artistic expression are illustration and printing. Although her city of residence is Toronto, her homepage refers to an important link to Estonia as it is written in the Estonian language: „Kiisu“ means „kitty cat“ and „nurr“ stands for „purr“. So what’s this all about?

As it is the case for many Canadian-Estonians, Ashley has her roots in Estonia because her grandparents fled to Canada during the 20th century. In this year’s June, it is the moment for her to reconnect with her Estonian roots.

During her one month residency, Ashley wishes to concentrate on discovering Estonian culture. Regilaul, Estonian mythology and traditional design are just some keywords upon which she’ll build her artwork.

At the end of the residency cycle, Ashley will present her work to the locals in Tartu and also to an audience back home in Toronto.

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