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18.08.2016 | 20.00 | Sõbra 16, Tartu

All the way from New Zealand, Ilya, Jeanette and Gage wish to share with you their warmth, joy and undoubtedly delicious cuisine during our next traditional artist dinner! Of course there will also be room for Ilya to talk about his work, artistic career and plans for his 3 month residency in Tartu, all in the usual cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to be part of this delightful occasion, please REGISTER as soon as possible, to make sure that you’ll have a spot at our table. Registering is possible by sending a simple e-mail to

As usual, also don’t forget to bring 3 euro and your own drinks!
Also be aware that there is a big but very friendly dog in the house.

Very curious? Get to know Ilya already a little bit here: and here: For Jeanette, take a peak here: In order to get to know Gage you’ll have to come and socialise for yourselves!

Facebook event:

See you soon!

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