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23.02.2017 | 19.00 | The Estonian Printing Museum (Kastani 42)

The Australian printmaker Andrew has a very special occasion to host a dinner. He and his partner Justine wish to celebrate their daughter’s Freya’s 3rd birthday. Those who have already met the little girl, are probably already sending a registering e-mail…
According to Andrew and Justine, Australia’s cuisine does not especially include any specific local dishes. It’s rather a mixture of different cultures. Hence, the served dish will be a surprise but one thing is certain – there will be cake with a three-shaped candle on top. And some balloons (very important!).

The birthday party / artist dinner will take place at the Paper Museum. In order to keep everyone happy – the artists and little Freya – we ask our guests to bring along their children!
As Andrew is spending his one month residency working at the Paper Museum, everyone can also get a closer look at his seriously fine prints.

The places are limited to 14. To REGISTER, please send an e-mail to BEFORE 22/02.
Also don’t forget to bring € 3 and your own drinks if you want something other than water!
PS: Directions to the Paper Museum: after entering the Printing Museum, follow the signs.

Here you’ll get a nice overview of Andrew’s creation:

Facebook event:

Let us have a memorable gathering, one that also Freya will remember!

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