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Art flaneur from the Tales from the Woods project, Arpi Agdere arrived on  November 12th 2013. She is 24 year old artist from Los Angeles who mainly works in experimental photography. Arpi will stay at the Creative Center Carnation for two weeks. She explains that her work is about retaining the essence of her subject while distorting her images. She is interested in abstraction and what it means to destroy and  make an image.

Arpi is working on different projects:
– Woods printing: (she went to Saarema, the biggest island in Estonia and took some woods and pictures from there).  Yes, printing woods on woods is an interesting concept.




– Video: She will make a video about the places she visited in Estonia.
–  Book project:  all of her images and experiments with her photographs.

If you want to see more :

The post will be uploaded once she will done thus projects.

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