TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Q: What makes someone trade in shorts and t-shirt for snow jacket and woolen hat and travel to the opposite side of the world?

A captured moment from “Intersections”

A: The opportunity to spend a month making art in the Trükimuuseum of course. Leaving an Australian summer to go to a northern hemisphere winter meant that I was able to experience the most extreme differences Estonia had to offer. To work with the machines in a living print museum, to meet so may people that are passionate about the process of printmaking and to see the excitement in the faces of the visitors was the best environment for this artist to develop a new body of work. Inspired by the colours, shapes and environment I was able to develop layered works that investigated line and space through multiple processes. Resulting in an exciting exhibition installation that hopefully reveals the ephemeral nature of what we see and my time in Tartu. My daughter saw snow for the first time and celebrated turning three in the Paper Museum. We all made some new friends and the experience was more that we could have ever hoped for. AE/IOU Andrew Weatherill (AU)

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