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Amira Aranda is an artist from Cuernavaca, Mexico. She will attend on July 2014 for one month. It’s not her first time in Estonia, as she spent last summer in Culture Factory Polymer, in Tallinn.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Art History by the Autonomous University of Morelos (UAEM), in Mexico, where she was graduated with honors. Her work includes graphic, drawing and books.

Amira is currently working as professor at the Art Faculty in UAEM and Centro Morelense de las Artes, where she teaches subjects like Art History, Visual Culture, Third World Cinema and Art and Education. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions on different places inside Mexico as well as abroad. Some drawings and graphic pieces have been published in magazines like Tierra Adentro, Revista Cultutal Replicante and Editorial Infantil el Naranjo. She have also written critiques at the Revista Inventio and the Irish art website


About her project:

“For a while I have been making series of drawings involving characters, usually animals, that somehow allude to ideas like solitude, femininity, loneliness and absurdness. My work unfolds as a metaphor for human condition, and emotions. I often eliminate the physical space in which the character exists to emphasize the expression or the situation each one is facing. Usually, these images that I create are references to personal experiences, even though there´s not a clear reference to me.

I have been developing the creation of artists books and fanzines, in which the narrative consists, mainly, in the way illustrated characters are distributed on the pages, therefor, even with an absence of dialogue, the reader can create a story.

I believe that this project could developed in an interesting way at the Residency in Tartu, since I would be experience a different environment, culture and emotions that come through different events that I cannot predict. I was in art residency in Tallin last July and I can say it has been a wonderful experience to be Estonia, not only because it was a very productive moment for me, but also because it made me wanted to learn more of the styles and techniques I recognized on the Estonian craft.

My goal during the time I will spend there is to create books, a sort of diary inspired by characters and objects that will impact me on my visit to the city of Tartu. I am also very interested on getting to know the Printing Museum in the city as well as your residency centers which for sure would aloud me to develop and acquire new skills.

After my work is done I would be glad to have a presentation of my work, where I can show documentation of the process, the results and maybe talk a little bit about my experience at the residency.”



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