TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

This was my second time in Tartu as an artist in residency and I felt very grateful to be back.
I was very happy to see how much the Printing Museum has changed for good in four years. l felt honoured to meet people like Lemmit, Anne, Mana and Agnieszka who are very committed to their work by preserving, teaching, and welcoming anyone whose willing to learn or visiting the place. I wish the concept of a museum as an active space for creativity and sharing could apply in countries like mine. The team of the museum was always willing to help at any circumstance, and it was always lovely to find Victoria the cat as a important member of the crew.
It was very nice to see familiar faces again like Eve Eesmaa, who introduced me to her kind colleagues at the Childrens Art School, who and invited me to their Christmas celebration; and Anne Rudanovski who showed me around the Art College, a very enriching experience.
I appreciate meeting artist Marja Lisa Plats who welcomed me into her studio and show me her beautiful projects.
Thanks to Heli’s kindness for inviting me on a day trip and showing me a bit more of the wonderful Estonian landscape, a truely silent and metaphysical space for me.
I believe that honesty, generosity and support between the Printing Museum and the Library team, artists and teachers is just a small example of the essence of a city like Tartu, and it’s what makes it a memorable and friendly place for creative people.
Tewty five days in Tartu went incredibly fast, and probably it’s a very short time to develop a good body of work. But I left with very good memories, thoughts and inspiration from wandering around its cosy streets, beautiful buildings, its art, and conversations with unique people, that may be reflected on my further work and me as a person.

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