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EFE #9 has two films from contemporary experimental filmmakers: Alina Taalman, a US filmmaker with Estonian heritage, and Ruben Guzman, a filmmaker from Patagonia who has previously presented films at the Maailmafilmi festival / World Film Festival.

Ruben has sent us IMAGES OF NOWHERE (2016): “An essay film on Patagonian ambulant photographer Ernst Standhardt, Chinese spirit rocks and miniatures. The film is an audiovisual poem, a patiently constructed essay that wonders with its force, lucidity and beauty.” (German with English subtitles)

Alina’s film QUIET TITLE (2016, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival short film Jury Award winner) is part ghost story, part family history. “The film weaves together fragments of my family’s remembered experiences in a house that has memories of its own. Within the walls of our haunted childhood home, there was a lingering energy that blurred into our own dreams and realities. In an attempt to understand the layered texture of this space, the film uses a combination of super8 and 16mm film, Hi8, MiniDV and HD video, and still 35mm photographs.”

Alina is a filmmaker currently based in North Carolina, working with a range of analog and digital methods, with a particular interest in cartography. For the month of November, 2017 Alina is in Estonia as a Tartu Artist in Residence, where she is working on a new film project and exploring her Estonian family roots.

The screening takes place on the 30th of November at 6:30 pm at the Genialistide Klubi (address Magasini 5).

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