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Alessio Chierico is an Italian artist and MA candidate of the Interface Culture department in the Art and Design University Linz. Former student of the art academies Urbino, Carrara and NABA in Milan, of the courses related to the new technologies of art production, design and media theory.
The Chierico’s practice is combining the fields of art and design with theoretical approach. His research is based on the deconstruction of interfaces, looking for new naturalness formed by the essential properties of objects, questioning the relation between their functioning and their purpose. A large part of his research focus on the aesthetics of digital representation.
In the last eight years of activity he had about fifty exhibitions, including: ArteLaguna prize in Venice (2014), Victoria Art gallery in Bucharest (2014), MAMbo in Bologna (2014), Speculum Artium festival in Slovenia (2013), Ars Electronica festival (2014, 2013), Museo di Scienze Naturali of Torino (2013), French embassy in Rome (2012), MLAC of Rome (2012), MAGA in Gallarate (2011), MART in Rovereto (2011), Palazzo Ducale of Genova (2009), Palazzo della Penna in Perugia (2009), Villa Paolina Bonaparte in Viareggio (2009), Palazzo Ducale of Massa (2009), Fabbrica
del Vapore in Milan (2008).
During the period of residency in Tartu he will develop an ongoing project called Unpainted Undrawn. This work consists in collecting a certain amount of devices like: tablets, ebook readers, smartphones, monitors, etc… which have broken screen. These devices will be unmounted and framed in classical and modern frames, in a way that the screen will substitute the canvas.
The images which emerges from cracked screens are very beautiful, random, and abstract. There are two main aspects which are interesting: all the images produced in the field of Generative Art have somehow similar features (random and abstract) but they are designed by algorithms. The second aspect is an unobvious correlation with painting and drawing. The images of cracked screens are strongly determined from the materiality of the medium.
This project is probably identifiable in the field of Glitch Art, but there is a difference: Glitch Art works can be made voluntarily or not, but generally they are acting in an infrastructural level that manipulates the content. In the case of Unpainted Undrawn, there are no contents because the image is never been processed and generated.


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