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From Sept. 22-24 took place the Nordic-Baltic AirFair and the seminar “Mobility and artist residencies” in Helsinki

Madis Mikkor from Noor-Eesti Loomekeskus visited both events with the aim of introducing the Tartu AiR project and establishing contacts with other artist residency providers around the Baltic sea. More than 20 centres from all the Baltic and Nordic countries were represented at the fair and topics like the influence of remoteness or policy of residency programming were covered.

The seminar the following day introduced the fresh Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture for the period 2012-2014 and panel discussions further discussed the topics of rural vs. urban residency practices as well as the ecological footprint of travelling and models for financing.


More information on the meeting and subjects covered:

Itinerary and speakers of the meeting –

Worldwide mobility and green mobility –

The EC Open Method of Coordination (OMC) working group report –

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