Did you know that if someone hasn’t opened a book for a long time, the letters in those books go for a walk? They visit each other, tell new stories in strange and unknown languages, and together compile a large Encyclopedia of Useless Wisdom.

But as soon as you open the dusty covers, the stars are instantly back. At first, their order may be a bit confusing – trying to find the right place among all the other letters! But don’t worry, as you start reading, the constellations begin to form.

So what about the books you don’t need anymore? In contrast to humans, whose words go down in history long after their bodies are gone, books are often a different story – the words are quickly forgotten, but their bodies are preserved. They gather, accumulate and become covered with dust. The Gutenberg galaxy has expanded and reached its greatest possible limits. The books start to fall as the shelves are pulled out from under them. The surplus books are torn and ground up and turned into your coffee cup at a gas station or the greasy bag of your food delivery.

At Farenheit you can find Lenin and the children, Cartland next to ‘How to Fix a Carburettor’ and many outdated encyclopaedias have found their way into the book room. A century-old German novel, in its crumbling leather binding, shares a shelf with the Družba chainsaw manual… Yes, that is the absurdity, the edge of eclecticism and ecumenism. Here you can browse the dusty witnesses of the lost world. You can also buy some classics if you so wish.

Books that have become redundant from both homes and libraries are often offered to TYPA and the Book Room. We want to give old books a new opportunity – we sort them by condition and content and put them back for circulation. Valuable, special, popular, new and in good condition books will arrive at the shelves of the book room, from where they will soon be migrating to the homes of new readers.

Books that have beautiful and healthy covers, but no longer offer a great reading experience, leave their contents in a waste paper container, and their covers become special TYPA Stationery. All the paper torn between the covers is transported to the Räpina paper factory, where new and strong cardboard is made from it.

It has been repeatedly pointed out that there is no wall clock in Fahrenheit. Indeed, it could be a stylish timepiece, let Farnheit be a place where time does not play an overly decisive and repulsive role. A place where time moves at its own pace and the occupant has a free choice to go with him or to stay behind. A place where there is time because it doesn’t matter.

More and more people come to the book room who have decided to stop their time here for a while. Reading, sitting, meditating. And there are those who have wanted to capture a moment in their lives in a visible form. To keep what or who counts. Wait a minute.

Rent our rooms

If you have books that you have read, but they still look good, don’t throw them away – bring them to us! Let’s give a new life to the books by bringing them to Fahrenheit bookshop, upcycling them as TYPA Stationery notebooks or into recycling them to paper and cardboard.

When you wish to bring the books, contact about the suitable time via email fahrenheit451@typa.ee .

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